Section 4: Ways To Share the Guidelines With Your Community

Supporters can raise awareness about the importance of regular physical activity by taking simple steps. Here are a few examples:

  • Contact your colleagues. Ask friendly organizations in your community (such as recreation centers, social service or health agencies, places of worship, and grocery stores) to list announcements about your activities promoting the Guidelines in their newsletters, on their bulletin boards, or in other communications they use to reach their clientele.
  • Display one of the posters. Hang it in your facility to encourage physical activity.
  • Hold a seminar. Conduct a brief seminar over a well-balanced lunch and invite members of your community to attend. Have a physical activity speaker talk about the merits of staying active and offer practical tips. Pass out copies of the Be Active Your Way Guide and/or Fact Sheet for Adults.
  • Submit a press release. Submit a press release to local metropolitan daily newspapers, radio and television stations, and to various community weeklies. Especially consider sending press releases to reporters who focus on health topics, and follow up these submissions with friendly phone calls. Urge the reporters to include the announcement in their publications or on-air programming, at the very least. Also invite them to visit your facility and to interview staff and clientele who are becoming involved in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans outreach.

Raise awareness about the importance of regular physical activity.