Section 1: About the Physical Activity Guidelines Toolkit

You can use the toolkit in many ways to highlight the Guidelines. Some organizations may use one or two items, while others might take full advantage of many items in the kit.

The toolkit contains materials that will help you get the message out about the importance of being physically active and encourage people in your community to get the amount of physical activity they need, based on the Guidelines and their own goals.

Toolkit Contents:

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
The primary audiences for this document are policymakers and health professionals. It is provided in the toolkit as a reference for your programs and activities.

Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults
This booklet was developed for adults aged 18 to 64 years who are not meeting the Guidelines but are thinking about or planning to do so. It provides encouraging, realistic, and helpful messages about the Guidelines. Distribute it to adults who currently participate in your organization's activities and in places such as recreational centers, health care facilities, grocery stores, movie theaters, places of worship, and area libraries.

Be Active Your Way: A Fact Sheet for Adults
This fact sheet provides the basic information in the Guidelines in a brief, readable format. It also gives examples of physical activity to help people get started.

Get the message out to Americans about how much physical activity they need.

Posters (4)
Display these posters in high-visibility areas of your organization.

Event Flyers (4)
You can use these flyers to announce the date, time, and place of your activities that promote the Guidelines.

At-A-Glance: A Fact Sheet for Professionals
Designed for fitness and health professionals, this is a one-page desk reference that contains the Guidelines for all population groups and the health benefits of physical activity, as supported by the scientific evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provide positive, simple, and consistent responses to many of the questions you and/or your organization may encounter as you enhance the awareness and visibility of the Guidelines. We encourage you to use these questions as a base, while adding others that are most appropriate for your mission and outreach.

Federal Resources
Find valuable information, programs, and resources from Federal agencies about physical activity.

PowerPoint® Presentation

Give presentations about the Guidelines to businesses, other community organizations, and individuals in your community. This tool can be used to promote your organization to a wider audience, and to highlight your Guidelines-related programs and activities.

CD-ROMs of Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Toolkit Materials

This contains easy-to-use electronic files of the toolkit items. Your organization can reproduce these materials by taking them to a professional printing company.

Use the toolkit to highlight the Guidelines.

Toolkit materials are available for download at