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Caring Institute

Contact Information

320 A Street, N.E.

Washington, DC 20002

202-547-4273 (Voice)
202-547-6137 (FAX)

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Inspired by Mother Teresa, the Caring Institute was founded in 1985 to honor and promote the values of caring, integrity, and public service. The Caring Institute (CI) believes that the solution to most problems is the caring of one human being for another. CI celebrates those special individuals who, in transcending self, devote their lives in service to the disadvantaged, the poor, the disabled, and the dying. The Institute honors individuals not only to support their work, but also to hold them up as role models to be emulated by others. CI sponsors a number of programs to inspire, encourage, recognize, and reward acts of caring. Programs include the National Caring Awards, which honors the ten most caring men and women and five most caring young people in America as selected by prestigious panel of judges each year. The Awards are presented at ceremony held in Washington, DC, on the Friday before Thanksgiving. A scholarship program is available to help caring kids. A poster a photography contest focuses on the Art of Caring, encouraging participants to seek out examples of caring which change their communities and our world. The DreamMaker program provides respite to terminally ill children and their families, enabling them to visit Disney World, in cooperation with Give Kids The World.



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