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National Education for Assistance Dog Services, Inc.

Contact Information

Office Manager
Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans
P.O. Box 213
West Boylston, MA 01583

978-422-0496 (Voice)
978-422-3255 (FAX)
978-422-9064 (TDD)

Internet Resources


National Education for Assistance Dog Services, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which provides trained guide dogs to people who are deaf and physically disabled, so they may live more independent lives. Established in 1976, the program has place dogs primarily in the New England-Mid-Atlantic states. Hearing dogs are trained to respond to sounds (i.e. doorbell, telephone, smoke alarm, etc.) and lead the person to the sound, while service dogs are able to pick up anything that is dropped, pull wheelchairs, turn on light switches and carry items. Service Dogs for the classroom are trained to assist special educators and therapists who work with physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled children.



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