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Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Contact Information

Stephen Lester, Science Director
P.O. Box 6806
Falls Church, VA 22040

703-237-2249 (Voice)
703-237-8389 (FAX)

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Founded in June 1981, this nonprofit organization serves citizens' groups, individuals and small municipalities working to solve hazardous and solid waste problems. CCHW supplies information needed to understand, prevent, reduce or eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals through customized assistance, both in-house and on referral, a research library and service, publications and newsletters. All of the organization's support comes from private foundations, donations and membership fees.


CCHW produces approximately 120 books, fact packs and papers on hazardous and solid waste problems and solutions. Serial publications: Everyone's Backyard (newsletter), quarterly -- resources for and news from grassroots groups; and Environmental Health Monthly (newsletter), monthly -- reprints of recent scientific articles and studies on environmental health concerns.


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