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National Psoriasis Foundation

Contact Information

Noe Baker
6600 SW 92nd Avenue
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97223-7195

1-800-723-9166 (Voice - Toll-free),
503-245-0626 (FAX),

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The National Psoriasis Foundation is the world’s largest nonprofit patient advocacy organization serving the 7.5 million Americans with psoriasis, the most common autoimmune disease in the country, and psoriatic arthritis, an inflammatory arthritis that affects the joints and tendons. Our mission is to find a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and to eliminate their devastating effects through research, advocacy and education. The Psoriasis Foundation has grown to become the largest charitable funder of psoriatic disease research worldwide and directly supports the most promising early-state research and emerging scientists. Advocacy staff work to shape the laws and policies that affect people with psoriatic diseases by advancing a public policy agenda to secure more federal funding for psoriatic disease research and work to remove barriers that limit access to care. The Foundation provides extensive patient and medical education through events, publications and medical outreach. Headquartered in Portland, Ore., the Foundation has local community-based divisions in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, South Florida, Florida West Coast, New York City and Portland, Ore.


National Psoriasis Foundation publishes treatment brochures and fact sheets; a treatment guide; a quarterly patient magazine, Psoriasis Advance, which provides articles, tips and the latest in research/treatment information; and an annual report. .


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