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Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Contact Information

Anastasia Burton, Public Information Officer
111 North Sanders
P.O. Box 4210
Helena, MT 59620 -4210

406-444-5622 (Voice)
406-444-1970 (FAX)

Internet Resources


The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services improves and protects the health, well-being and self-reliance of all Montanans by implementing public health programs and enforcing public health laws and regulations. It assesses health care needs and problems, develops and implements programs to meet health needs and alleviate problems in cooperation with local and private sources, and evaluates current problems. The Department has four broad goals: all Montana children are wanted, safe, and living in healthy families; all Montanans are healthy and safe from injury and have access to high-quality health care; all Montanans have the tools they need to be as self-sufficient as possible; and all Montanans can contribute to these goals through community giving and service.


Pamphlets, news releases, and reports.


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Date Entered: 6/1/1998
Date Edited: 3/19/2013
Date Revised: 1/8/2005
Health Referral Number: HR0787
Accession Number: DP91A0110

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