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District of Columbia Department of Health

Contact Information

899 North Capitol Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002

202-442-5899 (Voice), Health Care Information
202-442-5955 (Voice),
202-671 4222 (Voice), Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
202- 442-4795 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The District of Columbia Department of Health provides an extensive range of health care services, human services, and information materials. Direct health services include blood tests, cardiac and chest clinics, dental services, eye clinics, tuberculosis clinics, diabetic screening, and venereal disease clinics, among others. Alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment activities are provided by the Department. Child services include a disabled children's unit, child abuse prevention and control, day care services, and assistance for children with speech problems. Maternal and child health services, geriatric services, school health services, and mental health services are provided by the Department. The Department also maintains a rape and sexual assault crisis center, a suicide prevention line, and an information and referral center. The Department maintains hotlines for child abuse and neglect, drug emergency, families and children in trouble, poison control, protective services, rape crisis center, suicide prevention, and AIDS.


DHS publishes several pamphlets on particular health problems, pamphlets on services offered by the Department and how to obtain them, and a directory of services. Some materials are available in Spanish.


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