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Project Concern International

Contact Information

Daniel E. Shaughnessy, Executive Director
5151 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite 320
San Diego, CA 92123

877-PCI-HOPE (Voice - Toll-free), 724-4673
858-279-9690 (Voice),
858-694-0294 (FAX),

Internet Resources


Project Concern International (PCI) helps communities improve their health conditions and establish self-reliant systems for access to needed health care. PCI works in partnership with local communities to provide low-cost health care and training services, with an emphasis on maternal-child and reproductive health interventions, including child survival, reproductive health services, AIDS education, and some direct medical interventions. The goal of PCI programs is to build self-reliance. PCI currently has programs in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the United States/ Mexico Border region.


Serial publication: ConcerNews (newsletter), quarterly--descriptions of primary health care projects, organizational news, and donor listings.


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9.26.11. inactivated : mainly an international org. Activities in the US confined to California. -DK


Date Entered: 6/1/1998
Date Edited: 9/26/2011
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