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International Hearing Society

Contact Information

Alice Markey (Executive Assistant)
16880 Middlebelt Road, Suite 4
Livonia, MI 48154

1-800-521-5247 (Voice - Toll-free), Hearing Aid Helpline
734-522-7200 (Voice),
734-522-0200 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The International Hearing Society (IHS), formed in 1951 as a professional organization of hearing aid specialists, promotes and maintains the highest possible standards in the hearing aid field and helps hearing aid specialists expand their knowledge and skills and enhance their performance in service to the hearing-impaired. The Society provides continuing education for hearing aid specialists through meetings, workshops, and educational materials. IHS sponsors a national toll-free Hearing Aid Helpline, which provides referrals to local, qualified hearing aid specialists and information on hearing loss and hearing aids.


The IHS publishes several books and a training manual for professionals in the field of Hearing Instrument Sciences, and a booklet on hearing loss and hearing aids. Serial publications: The Hearing Professional Journal, bi-monthly--original articles on research, techniques, education, and new developments in treating and assisting the hearing-impaired.


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