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National Association of the Physically Handicapped

Contact Information

Jim Truman, National President
754 Staeger Street
Akron, OH 44306-2940

330-724-1994 (Voice),

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The National Association of the Physically Handicapped (NAPH) was established in 1958 to advance the social, economic, and physical welfare of the physically handicapped in the United States. NAPH proposes and supports legislation to provide more educational and rehabilitation opportunities, tax relief, employment, and other benefits for the physically handicapped. Data and information relating to the physically handicapped are collected and studied and reported to members. NAPH initiates and supports efforts to eliminate architectural barriers and to make all public buildings and facilities accessible to the physically handicapped. NAPH does not publish educational materials and does not provide research grants or financial aid.


A pamphlet describing the work of the Association is available. NAPH has also prepared a Bill of Rights for the Physically Handicapped. NAPH publishes a Newsletter Quarterly, which is included with Membership, or available to non members by subscription--Price $12.00/year.


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