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American Association of Diabetes Educators

Contact Information

Executive Director
200 W. Madison Street, Suite 800

Chicago, IL 60606

1-800-338-3633 (Voice - Toll-free),
1-800-TEA-MUP4 (Voice - Toll-free), Referral to Diabetes Educator
312-424-2427 (FAX),

Internet Resources


The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) was founded as a multidisciplinary organization working to foster communication and cooperation among individuals and organizations involved in diabetes education, both nationally and internationally. The Association sponsors an annual meeting and education program, as well as regional meetings through chapter networks. A certification program for diabetes educators is conducted through a separately established National Certification Board. Individuals with Diabetes should contact the (800) TEAM UP 4 for a referral to a Diabetes educator in their area.


The Diabetes Educator is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly journal intended to serve as a reference source for the science and art of diabetes management. AADE in Practice is a members-only publication targeted specifically for the needs of diabetes educators. AADE's e-FYI Newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter that keeps members up to date on the latest news and events affecting the diabetes education profession and association.


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Please do not refer requests for information on diabetes in general or treatment issues. Refer inquiries for diabetes educator referrals to 1-800-TEAM-UP 4 and diabetes education-related materials to 312-424-2426.


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