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Food and Nutrition Board

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Institute of Medicine
500 Fifth Street, NW
Room K-739
Washington, DC 20001

202-334-1732 (Voice)
202-334-2316 (FAX)

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The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB), established in 1940, advises public agencies on implications of nutrition research for food safety, nutritional status and health, food technology, food resources, and food processing. FNB identifies needed research and interprets research findings in the interest of public welfare. Separate committees have conducted projects in the fields of food protection, food consumption patterns, international nutrition, meat and poultry inspection, diet and health, nutrition education in medical schools, carcinogenicity of sweeteners, maternal and child nutrition, and water treatment chemicals. FNB has established the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and has conducted surveys of food additives. The Board has also developed guidelines for nutrient fortification of foods, recommendations for maternal and infant nutrition, and specifications of identity and purity for food chemicals. The FNB is not a public information source, but provides scientific assessments regarding food and nutrition issues through its publications and reports.


FNB publications include reports on a variety of nutrition-related subjects, including the use of chemicals in food production, nutritional requirements during pregnancy and lactation, evaluation of weight management programs and services, and seafood safety; these are written for the health or nutrition professional. FNB publishes Recommended Dietary Allowances and the Food Chemicals Codex. A publications list is available on request; publications are available for purchase from the National Academy Press at 800-624-6242.


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