The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans provide essential guidance to help Americans achieve the health benefits of regular physical activity. However, providing guidance by itself is not enough to produce change. Action is necessary. Regular physical activity needs to be made the easy choice for Americans. To accomplish this goal, public health research suggests the use of a "socio-ecologic" approach. This comprehensive approach involves action at all levels of society: individual, inter-personal, organizational, community, and public policy. This User's Guide has given you a range of ideas for generating interest and participation in your organization's activities.

Reap the following rewards by promoting the Physical Activity Guidelines outreach message throughout your community and use this opportunity to:

  • Enhance your leadership role within your local community.
  • Highlight your current physical activity programs and activities.
  • Promote your organization to a wider audience.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to promoting the health of the people you serve.
  • Receive recognition for your efforts.

Together, we can help Americans become more physically active.

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Be Active, Healthy, and Happy!