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Physical Activity Guidelines

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

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The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (PAG) provide science-based guidance to help Americans age 6 and older improve their health through appropriate physical activity. Developed with health professionals and policymakers in mind, the Guidelines can help you:

  • Understand the health benefits of physical activity
  • Learn about the types and amounts of physical activity you need for health
  • Choose appropriate physical activities that fit into any lifestyle or routine
  • Help others be more physically active
  • Learn ways to reduce the risks of activity-related injury

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), led the development of the first ever PAG in 2008, and the subsequent PAG Midcourse Report in 2013. The PAG recommendations complement the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as well as other national health promotion and disease prevention efforts.

Find resources and more information below.

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The PAG provide science-based information and guidance on the amount and types of physical activity Americans 6 years and older need for health benefits. The Guidelines are intended for health professionals and policymakers, and are accompanied by resources to help guide the physical activity choices of the general public. Read the PAG.

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The PAG Midcourse Report, “Strategies to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth,” describes the current evidence on ways to increase physical activity in children and youth ages 3 to 17 years. This report discusses science-based strategies to help health professionals and decision makers get youth moving more in the places they live, learn, and play. Read the report.

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Explore physical activity resources for professionals and consumers, and learn more about the programs and organizations that are helping Americans be more active every day. Get physical activity resources.

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Join the PAG Supporter Network to connect with other professionals and organizations working to promote physical activity. As a Supporter, you’ll be the first to hear about PAG updates. Learn more about becoming a member.

PAG Blog

Follow the Be Active Your Way blog to learn what organizations across the nation are doing to help Americans be more physically active. Share successes, lessons learned, and best practices. Check out the blog.

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