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Office on Disability, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Contact Information

Marilyn Brundage, Staff Assistant
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Room 637D
Washington, DC 20201

202-401-5844 (Voice),
202-260-3053 (FAX),
202-205-8280 (TTY),

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The Secretary of Health and Human Services created the Office on Disability (OD) in November 2002. Approximately 54 million individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic status and educational attainment in the United States live with at least one disability. The mission of OD is to oversee the implementation and coordination of programs and policies that enhance the health and well being of people with disabilities. OD works directly with the agencies of the Department to facilitate policy development and to advance disability issues across agency and Departmental lines. Within its new mission, OD identifies opportunities to maximize and streamline processes that result in the elimination of inefficient or redundant efforts to serve Americans with disabilities. OD provides strategic technical advice to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in support of Departmental components as they address matters related to disability. This is done through the use of newly established or existing Departmental structures and processes. Efforts to fulfill ODís mission are organized around three themes: 1. Improve Access to Community Living Services and Supports 2. Integrate Health Services and Social Supports 3. Provide Strategic Support on Disability Matters



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