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Postpartum Support International

Contact Information

Jane Honikman, Founder
6706 SW 54th Avenue
Portland, OR 97219

503-894-9453 (Voice)
503-894-9452 (FAX)

Internet Resources


Postpartum Support International (PSI) was formed June 26, 1987 to increase awareness in our communities about the emotional changes often experienced during pregnancy and after the arrival of the baby. Objectives of PSI are to meet and exchange information between members, encourage formation of new postpartum support groups, encourage health care professional participation, address legislative issues, encourage research, and collaboration with other related organizations; establish criteria for training; supervision and evaluation of volunteers; and address insurance coverage issues. The Mission is to promote international awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues to childbearing.


Brochure describing organization, its goals and objectives. PSINEWS--quarterly newsletter, for members only.


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