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Prevent Blindness America

Contact Information

Director, Program and Information Services
211 West Wacker Drive, #1700
Chicago, IL 60606

1-800-331-2020 (Voice - Toll-free)

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Prevent Blindness America, formerly known as the National Society to Prevent Blindness (NSPB), was founded in 1908. It promotes the prevention of blindness through a comprehensive program of community services, public and professional education, and research. Prevent Blindness attempts to translate medical and technological advances in the field of eye care into practical and obtainable services for the public. It sponsors vision screening and educational projects for the detection of vision problems in young children and adults. Speakers and educational materials are geared to such specific audiences as elementary school children, senior citizens, nurses, and agricultural workers. Information and advisory services related to current treatments and available facilities, research findings, and medical knowledge in the field of eye care and eye disease, and eye health and eye safety are available upon request by phone or letter. Prevent Blindess' program of professional education provides health professionals and health service groups with eye-care resource materials and educational programs related to services in the community. The group conducts statistical studies on the causes of blindness and funds laboratory and clinical research projects related to the prevention of blindness. There are affiliates and divisions in 23 States.


Prevent Blindness publishes numerous pamphlets on the following subjects: young eyes, eye diseases, adult eyes, eye safety, vision screening, and glaucoma education and detection. Teaching materials, including curriculum aids, and pamphlets designed for professionals are also available. Educational videos on adult and children's vision problems and on eye safety may be purchased. A catalog of publications is available on request. Serial publications: Prevent Blindness News, published 3 times each year, contains news about eye health and safety.


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